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Insurance Claims

We work with your insurer

Filing an insurance claim is something no one wants to do, but sometimes it’s necessary when your home or business has been damaged. When you go through the right restoration company, restoring your property after a natural disaster can be less stressful on you. Rest assured that Loyal Exterior, LLC. Will be the best choice because we are fully equipped and prepared to make your building as good as new in a reasonable amount of time.

Since we have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry, we can help you at any time during the claim process. Feel free to Contact Us today for more information.

How a natural disaster insurance claim process works:

Damage Inspection

Call our office or fill out the contact form found on our website. We will contact you to schedule a free inspection. The reason for the inspection is to identify if your home or business has suffered storm damage, and if it is necessary for you to file an insurance claim with your insurance company.

Insurance Inspection

One of our contractors will be at your property to meet with your insurance company's adjuster when they come out to do the insurance inspection. Having a qualified contractor at  your property to act as an advocate for you will make the process a little easier on you. Our contractor will walk with the adjuster during the inspection and make sure that all the damage to your property is accounted for.

Restoration Work

You should get an adjuster's report from your insurance company with detailed information about the storm damage that was found and how much they will pay for the necessary repairs. The contractor will review the estimate and determine if the amount will be enough for proper restoration of your property. If we feel that the allotted amount of money will not be enough for proper structural repair we will submit a new estimate for repairs to your insurance provider.

Once a price for repairs has been settled on, the contractor will work with you to determine which project materials will be used and decided on a start date for the construction work to begin.

Do not fill out this form if you are a solicitor.

Thank you! Someone will contact you soon!

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